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ENRICH-0747 – R1 In-Person: Quantum Science of Vortex Particles (ENRICH-0747_VORT)

Into the Vortex: The Tabletop Quantum Science of Vortex Particles

Vortices are everywhere in nature, from tornadoes and hurricanes, to the cosmic filaments that connect galaxies. In fact, vortices arise naturally in any turbulent or disturbed fluid—for example, recall the whirlpools that form behind a rock in a stream of water. Vortices also emerge in exotic quantum fluids like Bose-Einstein Condensates (1995 Nobel Prize in Physics) and superfluid helium, and are at the heart of exciting technological possibilities like topological quantum computing. Understanding the physics of how vortices move and interact is essential, but vortices themselves are notoriously difficult to control and measure precisely.

In this lecture, professor Mark Siemens shares how University of Denver physicists are exploring optical vortices, swirling holes in a laser beam, which can be studied in ordinary laser beams on a tabletop without huge and expensive facilities. Dr. Siemens and his team have developed methods for precisely generating and measuring any number and configuration of vortices in a single beam, which allows them to characterize the interaction physics. What they found surprised them: the vortices interacted as if they were quantum particles! Join us as we examine the strange quantum physics of vortices, and assess their potential as building blocks for quantum computing.

One in-person session
Mon., Mar. 13, 2023, 6:30-8 pm MT

Dr. Mark Siemens received his PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado Boulder and was an NRC postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. In 2010, he joined DU’s Department of Physics and Astronomy as an assistant professor. He is now a professor and associate chair of the department. His research interests include studying optical vortex interactions and using ultrashort laser pulses to measure electron transport in semiconductors to make better solar cells.

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Days of the WeekStart DateEnd DateTimeVenueInstructor
Monday13th March 202313th March 202306:30PM - 08:00PMSturm HallMark Siemens