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Office of Equal Opportunity

Complaint Procedures

IV. Complaints Against Employees or Other Non-Students

A. Investigation

1. The Office of Equal Opportunity will investigate all timely complaints of discrimination, harassment, and/or sexual misconduct that contain sufficient allegations, if assumed to be true, to support a violation of University policy.

2. Respondent shall be given Written Notice of the complaint, as well as the opportunity to provide information concerning the allegations. Notice is delivered via electronic mail to a person's preferred email address as updated by the individual in PioneerWeb, or otherwise provided. Notice may also be delivered in person, or to an individual's University or permanent address, as reported to Human Resources. Copies of the Respondent's written notice shall be provided to the Respondent's supervisor.

3. Investigations will be completed as soon as possible, but in all cases will be completed within 60 days, unless additional time is necessary due to the complexity of the investigation or for other good cause.

4. The investigator shall conduct interviews as necessary, review documents and any other relevant information concerning the alleged discriminatory acts.

5. The parties may provide any relevant information to the investigator, including the names of witnesses to contact and/or documents to review at any time before the investigation is closed.

B. Findings and corrective actions

1. Upon completion of an investigation, the investigator shall issue a written report of his or her findings. The Office of Equal Opportunity shall then issue a letter of determination, indicating whether or not a policy violation occurred. This letter of determination shall be sent to the Complainant, the Respondent, and the responsible administrators.

2. The Office of Equal Opportunity does not have the authority to impose corrective or disciplinary action upon a finding of a discriminatory act.

The Respondent's supervisor will be responsible for deciding upon and imposing corrective action as soon as reasonably possible, but no more than one month after receiving the final determination. The Respondent's supervisor shall notify the Office of Equal Opportunity of the corrective or disciplinary action imposed, if any.
Following any decision on whether or not to impose corrective action, the Office of Equal Opportunity shall notify the Complainant of such decision to the extent possible and consistent with University policies and procedures related to the confidentiality of employee personnel files.

C. Appeal

1. Faculty and staff members who receive Corrective Action pursuant to these procedures may appeal such penalties through the University's Employee Dispute Resolution/Grievance Process.

2. Members of the faculty shall also have all applicable appeal rights available to them pursuant to the Faculty Personnel Guidelines Relating to Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure.

3. Appeals brought by staff members who are subject to a collective bargaining agreement or other University guidelines which provide for separate or alternative appeal rights shall be subject to the applicable provisions of those agreements.

4. A complainant may appeal the determination of the Office of Equal Opportunity or responsible supervisor in writing to the next most immediate decision maker consistent with the Employee Dispute Resolution process.