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Office of Equal Opportunity and Office of Title IX

The Office of Equal Opportunity and The Office of Title IX

Policy Statement


The University of Denver strives to create and maintain a community
in which people are treated with dignity, decency and respect. The environment of the University should be characterized by mutual trust, freedom of inquiry and expression, and the absence of intimidation, oppression and exploitation. People in this community should be able to work and learn in a safe, yet stimulating, atmosphere. The accomplishment of this goal is essential to the academic mission of the University.

Therefore, the University will not tolerate unlawful discrimination, harassment, or
sexual misconduct of any kind. Matters of this kind may also be prohibited by a variety of federal, state, and local laws. This policy is intended to comply with the prohibitions of all applicable anti-discrimination laws.

Title IX

The University prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, including sexual
misconduct, in its educational programs and activities. The University is committed to complying with Title IX of the Education Amendment Act of 1972 and ensuring that
the University’s education programs and activities are operated in a manner consistent with applicable federal law, regulations, and provisions.

Equal Opportunity

It is the policy and practice of the University to provide equal opportunity in employment, educational activities, and other programs to all employees, students, and applicants. No person shall be discriminated against in any condition of employment or opportunity because of race, color, national origin, age,
religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, genetic information, or veteran status.


No hardship, no loss of benefit, and no penalty may be imposed on any
student, faculty, or staff as punishment for: filing or responding to a bona fide
complaint of discrimination or harassment, appearing as a witness in the investigation of a complaint, or serving as an investigator or as a member of a disciplinary board. Retaliation or attempted retaliation of this kind is a violation of the Policy and will be subject to severe sanctions up to and including termination or dismissal from the University.


This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, board of trustee members, volunteers, contractors, guests and visitors of the University. It extends to all
University activities, both on and off-campus. 


The Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity shall develop and publish procedures and rules implementing this Policy. The Provost and the Vice Chancellor for Business and Financial Affairs shall approve such procedures and rules upon the advice of
the Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity, the Title IX Coordinator, and University Counsel.


The University of Denver's official University Board Approved Policies. Contents include Institutional Affairs, Fiscal and Business Affairs, and Faculty Affairs. 

The Equal Opportunity/Discrimination and Harassment board approved policy can be found here.

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