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Office of Equal Opportunity and Office of Title IX

The Office of Equal Opportunity and The Office of Title IX

Affirmative Action

  1. A history of discrimination has excluded women and minorities, including persons with disabilities, from employment and educational opportunities in institutions of higher education. That exclusion has also worked to deprive educational institutions of the opportunity to enrich the educational experience of its students, enliven the scholarship, research and other creative activity of the faculty, and to extend its connections to, and impact on the larger community. To remedy that history of discrimination and to secure for itself the benefits of diversity, the University has taken and will continue to take affirmative action to recruit faculty, students and staff from among women, minorities, persons with disabilities, disabled veterans and Vietnam-era veterans.
  2. In addition to affirmative action in recruitment, the University will develop systems and programs to ensure that, once qualified individuals from among these groups are hired as employees or admitted as students, they are retained, advanced and compensated on par with other equally active and productive members of the University community.
  3. This Affirmative Action Policy is a counterpart to the Equal Opportunity Policy which is aimed at preventing discrimination. Managers are encouraged to consult both policies when making employment and admission decisions. 

Date: 3/18/95 Section: 3.10.020