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Office of Equal Opportunity and Office of Title IX

The Office of Title IX

Confidential Resources and Reporting Options: Understanding the Difference



Call 911 then 303-871-3000, (1-3000, if calling from a campus phone) 

After the Emergency, or "I am not in Immediate Danger, Who should I talk to now?"

Confidential Resources

Confidential resources allow you to talk with someone who will not share your information with anyone else without your express written permission. They can offer emotional support, help you review your options for additional support or reporting, both on Campus and in the Denver community, and assist with safety planning. They may be able to help you meet some of your immediate safety needs by contacting campus partners on your behalf. They can continue to stay in touch with you to provide ongoing emotional support, whether or not you report. 

Reporting Options

Reporting options have a responsibility for Campus or community safety or for directly addressing violations of University Policy or the Honor Code. The will always respect your personal information and will only share your information with DU administrators who need to know, so they can address the problem. All DU employees, including faculty, staff, Residential Life and Housing staff, GRAs, and GTAs, are required to report incidents of violence or immediate danger to Campus Safety and incidents involving gender-based discrimination, harassment and violence to Title IX. 

Speaking with someone who can take a report related to gender-based discrimination, harassment or violence allows you to receive information about your options for moving forward. It does not mean you will be required to participate in an investigation.