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Office of Equal Opportunity

Recommit to our University Values

Jan. 19, 2015

To: University of Denver community

From:    Kathryne Grove, Director-EEO/Recruiting

            Frank Tuitt, Associate Provost for Inclusive Excellence

Dear members of the DU community,

As we join many from around the nation today by observing the national holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone in the DU community to recommit to our University values. At DU, we strive for excellence, innovation, engagement, integrity and inclusiveness.

The University is working hard to be an equitable, diverse and inclusive community, and it’s important for each of us to make sure that ALL members or our DU community feel like they have a home in DU. Our values help create our community, and since they also guide our individual actions, we each have a responsibility in building an inclusive campus environment. 

Last quarter, we were informed about some disconcerting and offensive messages posted on anonymous social media sites, which interfere with our ability to create a welcoming environment.  While these messages don’t represent the views of the majority of our DU community, we felt it was important to remind everyone of their duty to act in a manner that is cohesive with our values; for students this is outlined in our Honor Code, and for employees in our Code of Business Conduct.

These behavior expectations follow regardless of the platform, including anonymous social media sites and applications. When individuals bring concerns about this type of behavior to our attention, we will do everything we can to address and rectify the situation. College students across the U.S. have been apprehended for their behavior on seemingly anonymous platforms, and have faced penalties such as suspension and/or jail time.

If you feel personally affected by offensive comments in any form, the University has a number of resources available to you:

Please join us in showing what this campus truly stands for by recommitting to our values. Together we can build a stronger community on our campus, a community that looks out for, respects and supports each other.