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Office of Equal Opportunity

Update on Title IX coordinator and investigator searches

Feb. 20, 2015

To: University of Denver faculty, staff and students

From: Kathryne Grove, director, Equal Opportunity and Title IX

Last quarter, we began a series of updates on our ongoing efforts to both address sexual misconduct and create a more compassionate and supportive community at the University of Denver. One change we announced was the addition of a full-time Title IX coordinator and an additional investigator.

The Office of Equal Opportunity (EO) has spent the last few months focusing on the process of hiring these positions. We are happy to announce that we have filled the investigator position. Additionally, with the transition of Molly Rossi to Employee Relations, we have filled her vacancy at the same time. The two newly hired investigators are Eric Butler and Caitlin O’Donnell, both of whom bring higher education experience and have a legal background. Eric comes to us from Duquesne University, where he most recently served as a resident director and student conduct officer. Caitlin most recently served as a student grievance resolution administrator at Ashford University. They begin work next week.

We have enlisted the assistance of the search firm Storbeck/Pimental for the full-time Title IX coordinator position. This is the same firm who assisted with the chancellor search and is currently working with the vice chancellor for Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence search committee. We have been hard at work finding the right person to take on this important role at the University, and our search is on track for a hire no later than this summer.

During the past few weeks, Storbeck/Pimental has been building a pool of candidates for the search committee to consider. We anticipate holding first round interviews for this position mid-March. Members of the Title IX coordinator search committee include:

  • Cody Cranor, associate athletic director, Athletics & Recreation
  • Elizabeth Buckius, student services coordinator, Graduate Studies
  • Don Enloe, director, Campus Safety
  • Ron Grahame, associate vice chancellor, Sport Supervision and Internal Operations, Athletics & Recreation
  • Kathryne Grove, director, Equal Opportunity and Title IX
  • Patti Helton, associate provost, Student Life
  • Hayden Johnson, president, Undergraduate Student Government
  • Amy King, vice chancellor, Human Resources
  • Linda Olson, director, Pioneer Leadership Program
  • Leslie Rossman, president, Graduate Student Government

Additionally, we continue to work with the consultants from Pepper Hamilton in reviewing University processes, and we hope to share an update in the coming months.

You can find more information about the University’s Title IX policies and resources on our website. You may also email questions to We will continue our ongoing commitment to make the University of Denver a leader both in providing support to victims and in creating a safe, compassionate environment for everyone.