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Office of Equal Opportunity

Message from the Chancellor

Nov. 6, 2013

To: University of Denver community

From: Robert Coombe, chancellor

Dear members of the University of Denver community,

It is important that we remember that ours is a community based on dignity and mutual respect, and that each day presents us with opportunities to act in accordance with our core values: excellence, innovation, engagement, integrity and inclusiveness.

Last week a situation occurred regarding disrespectful and hurtful language that was written on a hall mirror in one of the residence halls on campus. Actions of this kind have ripple effects on all of us who are working to sustain a campus climate of inclusion and respect, a climate that celebrates our differences. We are all diminished when even one among us dismisses an incident of this kind as inconsequential.

During the investigation of this matter, our staff in Housing and Residential Education was able to identify the perpetrator of this act as the guest of a DU student, not a member of our campus community. I understand that this person has written an apology to the students on the floor where the incident occurred. We are continuing to investigate this matter to determine whether any further action is required.

The creation of a truly inclusive community that is welcoming to all requires hard work and diligence from each of us. Here at DU we simply do not tolerate behaviors that run counter to that goal, whether among the members of our community or their guests. Incidents such as this offer all of us an opportunity to stand up for our values, and when we do so we all grow stronger.