Block by Block: The Basics & Beyond of Blockchain

November 10

2:30pm - 5:00pm

Audience: Alumni,  Current Student,  Faculty,  Families,  Neighbor or Friend,  Prospective Student,  Staff

Blockchain. Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin. NFTs. Are you curious about what these terms mean? Want to learn more about these buzzwords being used around the world? Join us November 10, 2022 for a Community + Values Symposium Series on Blockchain!

Bitcoin made blockchain technology famous – it used a transformative technology that facilitates the transfer of value between two entities without a trusted 3rd party. However, cryptocurrency is just one application for blockchain. Companies in industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, supply chain, music, arts, athletics, logistics, and more are developing Blockchain solutions to unlock value and to remain competitive in a transforming digital world.

You are invited to attend the first of a C+V Symposium Series as we discuss the basics of Blockchain, how it works, and the opportunities it presents to transform organizations and create value. 

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Light snacks and beverages will be served at symposium

This Community + Values Symposium was planned in partnership with: