Contesting Hate: A Critical Response to Christchurch

May 30

12:00pm - 2:00pm

Anderson Academic Commons, Room 290, Gregg Kvistad Special Events Room

The tragic Christchurch Mosque Shootings of March 15, 2019 are just one in a seemingly endless parade of acts of senseless violence perpetrated in the name of resurgent extremist, far-right ideologies. How do we, as scholars, respond? What can we do to better understand, contest, and resist violent extremism and the ideologies that underpin it? Contesting Hate seeks to stage a deeply transdisciplinary dialogue aimed at considering such questions as an engaged act of critical resistance.

This event brings together scholars from a broad range of disciplines:

  • Lisa Conant (Politicas Science)
  • Donna Beth Ellard (English)
  • Nader Hashemi (Middle East Studies)
  • Moshe Kornfeld (Center for Judaic Studies)
  • Chad Leahy (Languages & Literatures)
  • Daniel Melleno (History)
  • Sarah Pessin (Philosophy, Center for Judaic Studies)
  • Martin Rhodes (International Studies)
  • Derigan Silver (Media, Film & Journalism Studies, Center for Innovation in Liberal & Creative Arts)
  • Andrea Stanton (Religious Studies)
  • Trent Steidley (Sociology & Criminology)
  • Susanna Throop (Crusade Studies, Ursinus College)
  • Nancy Wadsworth (Political Science)

This event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. RSVP here.

Co-sponsored by the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Department of Political Science, Department of History, Department of Religious Studies, Department of Languages & Literatures, Center for Judaic Studies, Center for Middle East Studies, Center on American Politics, Phi Beta Kappa, and the Committee on Comparative Literature.