IEEE-Wireless Data (Computer Communications)

March 14

7:00pm - 9:30pm

Engineering & Computer Science, Room 410, Classroom

March 14

6:00pm - 9:30pm

Engineering & Computer Science, Room 300, Classroom

Denver IEEE Computer Society Guest Lecturer, Ernest Worthman

Electronics Engineer, Research Analyst, and Engineering Writer
Current Executive and Editor for Applied Wireless Technology

Ernest Worthman is the Executive Editor of AGL's Applied Wireless Technology and Small Cell Magazine and former Technology Editor of Semiconductor Engineering's IoX and security channels. He is also the principal of Worthman & Associates, a contract technical writing and editorial services organization as well as IEEE Senior Life member and IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Senior Member.

Mr. Worthman has over 25 years of experience in electrical engineering, high-tech print, and online publishing as an Editorial Director, Technical Editor and high-tech writer. He is also an expert in wireless, computer hardware/software and IT platforms, semiconductors, cybersecurity and the IoX (Internet of Everything). Ernest has publish many articles for Applied Wireless Technology, Small Cell Magazine, RF Design, Communications, Wireless Design and Development. His current clients include Keysight/Agilent Technologies, RF Industries, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Advanced Linear Devices, IBM, City and County of Denver, and others.

Presentation on: A Flyover on the Wireless World of Tomorrow

Abstract: The Fly over of the Wireless World of Tomorrow summarizes many current and innovative information data systems and then leads in to many of the newest data communications formats and systems. We will look in to the 802.xx standards as well as some of the other types of communications systems that are leading our technological advancement. This presentation will take a closer look at our next communications power house 5G. Then compare and contrasts several other competing standards and formats. This presentation aims to shed light on what is the benefit of our future communications goals; alternatively, we will also take note of the major physical and technological problems to achieve these goals. Technical data communications is important because many very data intensive systems are just around the corner. In our future we will need every data bit to be sent faster and with better quality. Many research trends in data communications have shown repeatedly that people, places, things, vehicles, and even robots will need more data than we can provide. Where will we get this greater data communication medium? We have many technologies that are showing promise but which will end up as the fastest, most robust, and provide the best service at lower costs. Please join us for A Flyover on the Wireless World of Tomorrow.

Location: The University of Denver, Ritchie School of Engineering (RM 300).

Date is 14 Mar 2019 - 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. 2nd Thursday

Cost: Free

Invited: IEEE Members, guests, students, walk-ins are welcome.