Law: CWBA Lawyers Teaching for Change Training

September 28

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Frank H. Ricketson Law Bldg, Room 155

Audience: Current Student

The Colorado Women's Bar Ass'n recently developed the Lawyers Teaching for Change program as a pipeline to encourage students from diverse backgrounds to consider pursuing a legal career. The program’s goal is to dispel the myth that a career as a lawyer or a judge is only an option for a select wealthy few and to make the law more accessible and inclusive. The program is a two-day course (the days do not have to be consecutive). On day one, a volunteer lawyer or judge visits the classroom for about an hour and explains the judicial system and the practice of law to the students. The volunteer explains their interest in the law, and why they went to law school. The volunteer returns on day two for about another hour to conduct a mock trial where the students participate and try a case. The volunteers have all of the materials necessary to present the program, which they provide to the teacher ahead of time to assign students parts to play in the mock trial. The program is currently geared toward kids in grades 3-5. For more info visit,

This session is a training session: Two members of the CWBA, Tony Arias and Melissa Meirink, will train law students to deliver these workshops to elementary aged kids! (Law students will then be able to sign up for different workshops in the future).