Law: Environmental Justice and the Clean Water Act

April 20

12:00pm - 1:00pm


Audience: Current Student0

The Clean Water Act is one of the United States’ flagship environmental statutes, aimed at preventing, reducing, and eliminating pollution from our nation’s waters. But which waters receive its protections? The answer to that question depends on the definition of “navigable waters,” or “waters of the United States,” a definition that has been the subject of heated debates, rulemaking, and litigation for decades. Join Prof. Sarah Matsumoto to hear about the latest developments in Clean Water Act rulemaking, including how, on June 22, 2020, the Trump administration’s definition of “waters of the United States” took effect in all states—except Colorado. Prof. Matsumoto will highlight why this definition is especially important to states in the West, and the environmental justice implications of the new rule.

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