Lunch and Learn with Jianhua Zhang

February 12

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Engineering & Computer Science, Room 510, Event Space

Join us for a lunch and learn with Jianhua Zhang as she speaks on Cyber Physical Algorithms and Co-Simulation for Smart Grid and Renewables Integration.

Abstract: Two main challenges being faced by the modern power system are blackouts caused by aging infrastructures in transmission systems and large-scale utilization of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in distribution systems. To monitor and mitigate the blackouts at early stage, system operators are upgrading the system using Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) and Wide-Area Monitoring System (WAMS). To effectively harvest, process and utilize such increasing volumes of PMU data in WAMS, distributed cyber-physical algorithms for wide-area oscillation monitoring will be presented in this talk to address delay and security issues. Further, high penetration of DERs could cause the overvoltage problem in distribution grids and the typical duck curve issue in the transmission grid. The hybrid communications infrastructures are proposed to effectively coordinate large-scale DERs. In particular, I will present the development of cyber-physical co-simulation platform by integrating NS-3 to Hierarchical Engine for Large-Scale Infrastructure Co-Simulation (HELICS), and use cases showing how transmission grid, distribution grid and communications network are cooperated to increase DERs integration. Then two developed cyber-physical Hardware-In-the-Loop testbeds, aiming to validate the proposed algorithms and infrastructures, will be briefly introduced. Finally, I will discuss my research plans about distributed cyber-physical algorithms for optimal regulation of Virtual Power Plan and digital twin testbed of solar energy systems for intelligent cyber and physical security awareness.