Mainstreaming Stories: A Day of Solidarity with Uyghurs

April 26

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Sturm Hall, Room 281, Lindsay Auditorium

Hundreds of thousands of people of Uyghur and Kazakh descent are being held indefinitely in extra-judicial internment camps in Xinjiang today. Prisoners are detained due to their ethnicity or Muslim faith, tearing apart families, destroying lives, and threatening culture. These are horrific developments that should have no place in the twenty-first century.

The global response to these developments, however, has been muted. Many are still unaware even of the existence of these camps. Reporting on the situation is hindered by an information blockade by the Chinese state, which denies even the existence of any such camps. And those who stand up and speak out openly against these policies may face the wrath of a rising power that is determinedly hostile to criticism.

CMES is joining The Xinjiang Initiative's global solidarity event on Friday, April 26 with a short conversation. We hope you can join us.

This event will be held in the Lindsay Auditorium (rm 281) in Sturm Hall on the University of Denver campus.

*IMPORTANT: Due to the sensitive nature of this event, photos and video recording is strictly prohibited.

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