Voices of Experience featuring Abdulfattah Sharaf, CEO for HSBC in the United Arab Emirates

May 16

6:00pm - 7:30pm

The Voices of Experience speaker series at the Daniels College of Business brings CEOs and significant leaders into our community to share the lessons learned from their triumphs, mistakes and decisions as they navigated through their leadership careers. Join us to hear experienced top-level leaders share first-hand stories of motivation, loyalty, values-based leadership, turnaround strategies and more.

With Dean Brent Chrite as the host and moderator for this event, the two will discuss Abdulfattah’s experience growing up in the United Arab Emirates, his career journey, focus on diversity within his teams and his perspective on the importance of internationalization. Other topics will include:
• Governance issues and ethics in the financial sector
• Geopolitical challenges and their economic impact
• Emerging markets and the evolution of trade between China, India and the Middle East

Contact: [email protected]

Location: Newman Center for the Performing Arts

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