X-ITE Open House

September 10

6:00pm - 8:00pm

The X House is X-ITE's new HQ! The location will serve as a place for students to work on their ventures, join events with entrepreneurs across the Colorado ecosystem, and work with mentors. At this open house, you'll learn about Project X-ITE's programming that is designed to ignite your inner innovator. This includes programs that are part of the Startup Track, such as: Incubator X, Pioneering Summer, Ascent, and programs that are part of the Career Tracks, such as CGIF, XLR8 grants, and experiential learning courses. You'll hear from students who have participated in Project X-ITE's programming, and learn the many ways you can engage with innovation across campus.

Questions? Contact [email protected]

*Food + Drink Provided*

*This event is open to DU students, faculty, and staff *



1986 South York Street

Denver, CO 80210