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University Shield


We Are Denver: We Wear the Shield

Why do you "wear" the shield?

The University shield highlights many of the significant aspects of the University, such as history, pride, location, longevity, and a sense of community.

Student wearing University shield
  • The shield represents strength and longevity by encompassing both original and newer buildings.
  • It portrays our stunning location in the Rocky Mountain west, as well as within the city of Denver.
  • The 1864 highlights our founding date and longevity within the local community and worldwide.
  • Above all, the shield represents our strong DU community, which proudly identifies with this key element of our brand.

Whether or not they're literally wearing the shield, members of the DU community carry their University of Denver identity with pride. Each member of the DU community has a story about what the University means to him or her, and these many and diverse stories represent the powerful community behind the shield. Share your shield story with us below, and tell us why you "wear" the shield.

Tell us your shield story

Use the following questions as a guide:

  • What one thing in your mind stands out about DU?
  • What does DU mean to you?
  • How has DU made an impact on you?
  • What makes you proud to be a part of DU?

The Division of Marketing and Communications will select the best stories to share with the rest of the DU community—and you could even be a star in the next "We Are Denver: We Wear the Shield" video. Selected stories may also be featured in the University of Denver Magazine, in the DU Digest internal newsletter and on the DU Facebook page.