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Facilities Management & Planning


Facilities Management & Planning

Operating Guidelines

Operating Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning

  • Heating and cooling equipment will be activated no earlier than necessary each morning to allow temperatures for reach adequate levels by the time occupants arrive. This operating time will be adjusted for seasonal variations.

  • Cooling devices will not be activated before May 1st of each year, and will be turned off by October 1st.

  • Seasonal weather patterns and utility billing cycles will be considered.

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment should be turned off within thirty minutes after scheduled activities in the building have ended.

  • Exhaust fans will be turned off when a building is not occupied.

  • The Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities will coordinate with the HVAC Shop Foreman, Electric Shop Foreman and HVAC staff to develop a plan for turning the HVAC units on in phases to prevent unnecessary electrical demands.

  • It is the responsibility of faculty and staff to close all windows and outside doors when the HVAC system is operating.
      Heating and Air    Heating and Air   

Operating Lighting Equipment

  • Refrain from turning lights on unless needed.

  • All unnecessary lighting in unoccupied areas should be turned off.

  • All lights will be turned off when students and faculty leave the classrooms.

  • Outside lights will be turned off during daylight hours.

  • Custodians will only light the specific area in which they are working.

Operating Electrical Equipment

  • Computers should be operated according to computer guidelines.

  • Electrical office equipment such as: computers, printers, copiers, coffee pots. . . should be turned off when not in use.

Operating Gas Fired Equipment

  • Boilers and pilot lights will be turned off in those buildings without reheat coils or domestic hot water demands. 

Natural Gas