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Facilities Management & Planning

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Facilities Management & Planning

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get something fixed on campus?

Submit a Work Request online or call the Facilities Service Desk at: 303.871.2200 during the hours of: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. M-F. Please provide complete information about the work request that is needed in order to process your request. 

Please note the iService page is only available while on campus. If you are outside of campus, please login through the Cisco VPN - External Access and then access the Work Request link.

For more information on the University of Denver's VPN service please visit:

You may also submit an email with your work request information if you are unable to access the iService portal page.  

What is the difference between an emergency and a routine call?

Emergency calls are those that involve potential threat or damage to life or property (gas leak, fire alarms, water leaks, etc.)

Please call 303.871.2200 during business hours to report an emergency call. 

After hours, please call Campus Safety at: 303.871.3000

Routine calls are usually requests for services that can be scheduled.
For example: painting, light bulbs, keys, etc.

Where is the Office of Facilities Management located?

The administrative reception is located at 2400 S. Race Street on the second floor. The front of the Facilities Management building faces east toward the Physics Building. There is limited parking for clients and vendors, so please be considerate of others.

How do I order keys?

A request for a new key can be made through an online Work Request. Please allow 7-10 days for turn-around time. 

How often is my science lab cleaned?

Science labs are located in the Physics Building, Seely, Mudd and Olin Hall. The Custodial department has access to these labs 5 days of the week and the labs are cleaned as scheduled by faculty of that department or lab. Check with a staff member in that lab for a specific time.

We are moving out of our building because it is scheduled to be renovated?


How can I order a new sign or nameplate?

The sign shop is located in the general maintenance shop in the Facilities Management building. To order a new sign or nameplate, go to the online Work Request system and initiate a Work Order referencing the Work Request: 'Signs'. Please type out a description of the sign material and enter the Name and Other information exactly as you would like the sign to read.

How do I recycle items on campus?

The University, through its Custodial Services Department, recycles mixed office paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard. 

**Computers, printers and EWaste are recycled by DU IT Services by calling 303-871-4700, or placing a ServiceNow request.

DU's custodial staff will empty large, centrally located blue bins, and Tri-Bins containing; Landfill, Compost, and Recycle items.

If you have a desk-sized blue recycling bin, empty it into the closest larger recycling bin located in your department/building. The frequency of the larger bin pickups will vary from one to five days per week according to demand.