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Facilities Management & Planning

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Facilities Management & Planning

Facilities Management


 Facilities Gradual Return 
In supporting the guiding principles of, ensuring the safety and security of our community while continuing to provide an exceptional student experience, the Department of Facilities Management and Planning is asking your support in requesting services from Facilities in two specific ways .

1) For COVID/Social Distancing related building modifications, click on the crimson Guide & Request Form button to the right

For routine Work Requests , and Disinfectant Product Requests, please submit as you normally would, also at right.
Disinfectant Products are not unlimited and are available as we have supply.

  • Priority for such projects will be given to research, scholarship and creative work
  • Weekly requests for supplies needed the subsequent week should be submitted by Thursday at noon for delivery Monday, and should be based on the number of scheduled personnel and their activities
  • Supplies, depending on availability, will be delivered to the room referenced on your request.
    Disposable Wipes:   In the event that wipes are not available, supplies will consist of a bottle of disinfectant and 3 cloth shop towels.
    Signs : Building Managers will be able to request the "Out of Service" cards, stickers, and table tents for delivery to  their buildings.
    Face Coverings: Face coverings are to be worn by individuals on campus.  At this time, individuals should bring their own face covering.  The University is working toward providing face coverings.
    Gloves:  It is a department's responsibility to provide gloves for task specific jobs as required by OSHA, CDC, or DDPHE



The Department of Facilities Management supports the mission of the University of Denver's physical resources in order to provide a healthy and safe educational environment for campus community through services of the following departments:

  • Capital Projects and Planning
  • Facilities Management
  • Parking and Mobility Services
  • Auxiliaries and Real Estate
  • Business and Operations


Enrich the University of Denver's global prominence and community impact through excellence in innovative Facilities Services.


Through exceptional customer service, we provide sustainable stewardship to the university community that creates an engaging and thriving environment to learn, live, teach and work.

Core Values

  • Stewardship: We effectively use all resources to meet the needs of today without compromising the future.  We work in a safe manner using equipment and procedures as appropriate and encourage others to do the same.  We maintain confidences and protect the security of operations and assets by keeping information confidential and equipment/facilities secure.  We demonstrate efficient use of time, equipment , and other resources with a focus on sustainable operations and best practices. 

  • Teamwork: We work together cooperatively in support of our mission. We value individuals and their contributions to the team and treat each other with respect and dignity.  We actively work to create and support an inclusive and equitable workplace by embedding diversity into all aspects of the workplace.  We communicate honestly and openly, listen attentively, and assume responsibility for resolving difficulties appropriately.  We encourage cooperation, collaboration and co-ownership of success.
  • Professionalism:  We earn the trust of others through professional conduct that includes honesty, reliability, and competency.  We exhibit a courteous, conscientious and businesslike manner in the workplace. We actively endorse and support DU's mission and work to fulfill its vision, mission, and goals.  We pursue professional development to increase expertise and improve our capabilities to deliver improved job performance. 
  • Service:  We contribute to the success of others by responding in a courteous, timely and accurate manner, seeking assistance when necessary to create a positive DU experience that exceeds the expectations of students, and internal and external contacts. We understand that our performance directly affects the future of DU and strive to perform to enhance the DU experience.  We embrace a positive attitude and participate through engagement with changes in procedures, environment, or responsibilities. 

  • Integrity:  We accept responsibility for the University's and public's trust and are accountable for individual actions. We conduct ourselves and perform our duties in an environmentally, socially, and economically responsible manner that is reflective and protective of the trust placed on us as stewards of the University's facility related resources.
  • Excellence:  We strive to achieve excellence in all endeavors and are committed to continuous improvement. We enthusiastically deliver quality services to our customers while consistently seeking to improve those services through creativity and innovation.

  • Engagement:  We seek to "tell our story" through collaboration, communication, and inclusion with the greater DU community. Through involvement we ensure the needs of students, faculty, staff, alumni, visitors, and neighbors are met and efforts from each department are understood. We take every opportunity to augment the education and research mission of the university through demonstration of real world applications of theories and principles.