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Mail Services & Central Receiving - COVID-19 Updates

                  Mail COVID FAQs                         

We'll get through this. But we know you have questions about your Mail and Packages. We'll be doing our best to keep you informed and updating this page as quickly as information becomes available.  Until then, here are answers to your frequently asked questions. 

Q:   Our department is working from home with limited or no access to our building, how will we receive mail or packages for our department? 

A:   Mail Services is offering curbside pick - up and drop off from 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday through Friday at 4925 E Pacific Place, Denver CO 80222. Please call 303-871-3188 before you arrive so that the employee on duty can gather your mail and packages for pick up.  Once you arrive, call again and our employee on duty will open the door and place your mail & packages in a bin for a no-contact pickup.  You may want to bring an empty cardboard box to transport the mail from our bin to your car.  We do disinfect the bin after every pick up and drop off, to minimize contact.     Staying apart is how we can continue to  stay   healthy together, working for the good of the University and the Community!

Q:   Our department has essential personnel, how will we receive mail and packages at our mail stop on campus?

A:   Email your Department Name & Building to  &  with a request to restart campus delivery.   Mail Services and Central Receiving will deliver to your departmental mail stop on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 12:00pm and 4:00pm.    

Q:   Can I still buy stamps for my department?  

A:   Stamps are available in Rolls of 100 at $55 per roll, charged to your departmental FOAPAL through Banner.  Please Email your request for stamps to Stamps require signature receipt, and are only available through our curbside pick up service from 9am to 3pm Monday through Friday.  

Q: Where do I leave my outgoing mail and packages?   

A:   If your department is on our delivery list, we will  pick up your outgoing mail on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at your mail stop.  If your department is working from home, you can drop off your outgoing mail and packages using our curbside pick - up/drop off service.

Q:   How do we provide FOAPAL information to Mail Services?

A:   When dropping off letters or any outgoing mail, please call ahead, and include your barcode card or FOAPAL with your mail to be metered, separating out any international pieces. 

Q: When does the mail go out?

A: Our mail is picked up daily by our dedicated US letter carrier at around 2:45pm. 

Q: Will Mail Services & Central Receiving hold our mail and packages until we return? 

A:   The Mail Services and Warehouse teams are holding all mail and packages for departments that have not requested delivery or curbside pickup.  Normal delivery of all held items will resume when the COVID-19 shelter in place mandate is lifted and everyone returns to campus.