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Facilities Management & Planning


Facilities Management & Planning

Moving Services

Facilities is able to help your department complete on-campus moves that take only one man-hour or less to accomplish. Limitation in our manpower resources are necessary so that the Facilities Staff is able to perform the duties of maintaining the buildings and grounds.

Please submit a work request for a small on-campus move. 

Examples of a one man-hour or less move would be:

  • One shelf and two boxes.
  • Moving a desk within an office or a short distance within a building.
  • Relocating an empty filing cabinet within an office building.

For larger moves, Facilities has bid out moving services for the University to Bailey’s Moving and Storage Company.  If you need to arrange for a move, you should contact Bailey's DU Move Coordinator, Allison Rottman at, 303-785-0953. 

Please refer to the Bailey's, University of Denver Moving guide and complete and send a copy of the DU Daily Move Plan to  Allison Rottman at Bailey's to initiate your move.  For large moves, you will need to work with your office manager to get a PO prior to your move.

If you need to move your Konica-Minolta Copier/Printer, please contact John Callahan, at KMBS;  303-463-1029,  814-954-2928-mobile. 

If you have any questions about the contract and getting purchase orders for these services, please contact the Purchasing Department.

For other questions regarding moving, please contact: 
Marc Wilkinson, Assistant Director, Operations & Maintenance at 303-871-7018