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Facilities Management & Planning

DU Students Recycling

Recycling at DU

Pickup Schedule

DU’s custodial staff will empty large, centrally located blue bins.

If you have a desk-sized bin, empty it into the closest larger recycling bin located in your department/building. The frequency of the larger bin pickups will vary from 1 to 5 days per week according to demand.  

Not all buildings have a regularly scheduled pickup time.  If your building does not have a regular pickup day, you can schedule a pickup through a Work Request.

Recycling Pickup Schedule

  • Academic Office Annex—T, TH
  • Anderson Academic Commons—T, TH
  • Alumni House—W
  • Ammi-Hyde—T, TH
  • Ben Cherrington Hall—T, TH
  • Boettcher —M, W, F
  • Cable Center—T, TH
  • Chambers Center—T, TH
  • Computer Science Annex—T, TH
  • Craig Hall—M, W, F
  • Daniels—M, W, F
  • Driscoll North and South—M, W, F
  • English Language Center—M, W, F
  • Facilities—T, TH
  • Fisher—T, TH
  • Frontier Hall—T, TH
  • Greeks—F
  • Hillel House—F
  • HRTM—T, TH
  • International House—M, W, F
  • John Greene Hall—M, W, F
  • Knudson—M, W, F
  • Law—M, T, W, TH, F
  • Margery Reed—M, W, F
  • Mary Reed—M, W, F
  • Mass Communications—T, TH
  • Metallurgy—T, TH
  • Multicultural Center—T, TH
  • Newman Bungalow—T, TH
  • Newman Center—M, W, F
  • Olin Hall—M, W, F
  • Parking Services—T, TH
  • Physics—M, W, F
  • Project Management Bungalow—T, TH
  • Purchasing—T, TH
  • Religious Studies—T, TH
  • Residence Halls—M, T, W, TH, F
  • Ricks Center—T, TH
  • Ritchie Center—T, TH
  • Seeley Mudd—M, W, F
  • Shwayder—M, W, F
  • Sturm Hall—M, W, F
  • University College—F
  • University Hall—T, TH
  • University Offices Annex—T, TH
  • IT—T, TH
  • Wesley Hall—W