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Facilities Management & Planning

DU Students Recycling

What We Recycle


The University takes the initiative to responsibly dispose of unwanted equipment.

Our equipment must be disposed of in an ethical manner, one that protects both the environment and the people involved in the recycling efforts. Our practices must also be fiscally responsible, comply with all applicable state and federal regulations, and insure that all future liability for disposed equipment is eliminated.

University of Denver Electronic Recycling Policy


The purpose of this directive it to minimize the effects of the University of Denver’s electronic waste on the environment by recycling electronic equipment and materials while meeting all local, state and federal regulations.  As part of the University’s sustainability goals, we strive to recycle as many materials as possible, including hard to recycle items such as computers and monitors.  We recommend that a computer refresh cycle reflect actual computing needs of the individual. 

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that cathode ray tubes (CRTs) found in computer monitors and televisions contain significant amounts of lead. Research shows that the lead will leach from landfills and can pose a hazard to the environment.  The EPA has further determined that computers and other electronic equipment contain heavy metals in their circuit boards and batteries which can also pose a hazard to the environment. Many of these items are considered a hazardous waste at the end of life.  Additionally, while recycling is possible, fewer and fewer sites within the United States are able to recycle these materials. These limitations, along with the associated costs of appropriate recycling and documentation of the process to ensure proper recycling, have increased the costs of recycling these materials.  In order to ensure we are meeting our sustainability goals and responsibly recycling our electronic waste, we must now implement a fee for this service. We recommend that units consider this fee in the budgeting process during typical refresh cycles. 



  1. Unwanted, unused, obsolete and broken electronic equipment should not be stored on campus for more than three months.
  2. Expenses incurred for the responsible disposal of this equipment must be absorbed by the department, or a hardship case presented to the Budget Office.
  3. It is the responsibility of the owner/responsible unit to recycle their electronic waste at the end of life of a machine.


All software and data must be removed from computer hard drives before they are recycled. This includes Office and Windows operating systems. Contact UTS at 303-871-4700 for assistance.


Campus electronic waste is recycled by TechnoRescue.  They are certified by R2, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001 for electronics recycling & data destruction as proper disposal of electronic equipment is critical.


  • Submit Work Order:
  • Specify exactly the number and types of items that are to be picked up as well as the location of the items
  • In the event you will not be in your office or work area, clearly mark the items that you want to be picked up
  • Include your budget number  
    ***Please refer to Fee structure section for specifics***
  • A representative from the custodial department will contact you to schedule a pick up.
  • Electronic recycling pick-ups will be scheduled for Tuesdays or Thursdays.


LCD Monitors                       $10.00/each
CRT Monitors/Laptops           $25.00/each
All TVs Under 22” $25.00/each
All TVs 22” up to 32” $40.00/each
All TVs 32” and larger $60.00/each
Keyboards & Mouse No Charge
Projectors No Charge
Computer Towers No Charge
Cords  & External Drives  No Charge