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DU Students Recycling

Recycling at DU

What We Recycle

DU partners with Alpine Recycle and their Altogether Recycling™ program to provide campus-wide recycling services. Items we recycle include office paper and other supplies, batteries, electronics, and electronic equipment such as computers and printers.

Acceptable items include: 

* Newspaper (including inserts) * Corrugated Cardboard (FLATTENED)
* Mixed Paper * Chipboard (Cereal and Tissue Boxes)
* Aluminum (do not crush) Tin Cans – No "other" steel
* Empty Aerosol Cans * Detergent Bottles (Tide)
* Magazines * Office Paper
* Aseptic Packaging (Milk and Orange Juice Cartons)   * Brown Paper Bags
* Styrofoam™ IS accepted * Plastic Milk Jugs
* Bulk or Junk Mail  
* Mixed Rigid Plastics (large lawn furniture or large children's toys, waste or laundry basket)
* Plastic (#1 - #7) Plastic Bottles or Tubs – NO PLASTICS MARKED "PLA"


Click Here For A Complete List Of Recyclable Materials

  Downloadable List of Acceptable Recyclables

Non-Acceptable items include:

  • NO Steel Items
  • NO clamshell or "to go" plastic containers
  • NO plastic plates, forks, spoons or knives
  • NO #7 PLA compostable containers
  • NO six pack holders
  • NO plastic syringes (NEEDLES)

Download A Flyer To Post Near Your Recycle Totes

       Tote / Bin Flyer