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Facilities Management & Planning

Facilities Management & Planning

Facilities Management & Planning

Custodial Services

Our Staff Serving DU

Our Custodial department is comprised about 79 full time and 45 fully benefited part time staff. Some team members have been at the University for as little as 60 days, others, almost 40 years.  Like other University
Departments, we have several 2nd generation

DU Custodial Team

The University of Denver is a leader in education
and values its strong, knowledgeable workforce.
That is why DU offers tuition benefits for all DU Staff.  
Whether looking to earn a degree a certification or just
to enhance knowledge in their field, we have many Trades, Custodial and Grounds staff that have benefited from the University of Denver's employee tuition waiver program.  

In addition to the academic possibilities, Our department strives to provide ongoing training within the facility and as well as in the workplace classroom.  Read down for more information on our commitment to quality and safety standards training. 


University employees through the engagement survey and feedback have told us that the recognizing employees for their service to the University fosters a great work environment.  

Our employees and management team are recognized annually by the University and in Custodial Shop recognition events and through the peer to peer Aramark Recognition Program, Encore! Encore!  

Encore! Encore!


Since it's founding in1864, the University provides an array of unique and diverse facilities. With that comes the continual challenge to mentor, train and develop our staff so they can provide the very best practices for each building on campus. With the current movement the University is making towards USGBC LEED Certified buildings, it is important that our staff understand the environmental impacts they may have within each building they clean.

 Bathroom Cleaning  Asbestos Training in Boettcher

Our trainings range from Equipment to Safety Procedures, Floor care and other custodial procedures.  Since 2014, all of our training and employee development sessions have been conducted utilizing interpretation services so that employees are receiving the same information at the same time.

Another successful Facilities employee development initiative has been offering and marketing English Language Acquisition classes to  all interested staff.   Working with Johanna Leyba and the Center for Multicultural Excellence to develop this program in June of 2014, thirty employees originally enrolled for  ELA sessions and that number is currently up to thirty-seven.


Each year the Facilities Planning and Management Department conducts a survey of our campus operations in comparison to a select group of University operational peers.  This is our performance report card to the University, but more importantly it is this historical profile and peer comparisons which lead to observation, discussion, and positive change on campus. 

The annual investment in this examination provides a model and analysis to operate our service delivery system and staffing in support of high service delivery, while supporting the goals of the University to keep tuition rates flat.  Click here for more detail

Trainings conducted:

  • Global Harmonized System (GHS)/SDS
  • Customer Service Training (WEST)
  • Safety Training (Occupational Safety – general topics hundreds of hours)
  • Space Care QL
  • Floor Care QL
  • 3M Stone floor protector
  • Blue Cleaning Technology training (ORBIO)
  • Cart setup and stocking
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Blood borne Pathogens
  • Zero Waste practices
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures