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Facilities Management & Planning


Facilities Management & Planning

Event Set Up & Production Services

The Department of Facilities Management & Planning provides Event Set Up & Production services on an as needed basis per written request and the services are billable.

All service requests are processed using the Department of Facilities Management & Planning's Work Request. No fax or voicemail requests will be accepted.

The Department of Facilities Management provides event support service in the following areas:

  • Production consulting
  • Large venue conversions
  • Room sets
  • Stage sets
  • Chair sets
  • Day of event production assistance (with expedite charge)
  • Assistance with HVAC and temporary electrical
  • Assistance with Irrigation shut-off and Grounds clean-up
  • Event Equipment drop off & pick-up

The Department of Facilities Management can provide tables, chairs, trash cans, recycle bins; however, their availability is limited by quantity.

Rental equipment drop off & pick up (tables, chairs, trash cans, etc., plus labor is chargeable)

As a helpful Guide for DU Faculty & Staff please visit the University of Denver Self-Management Guide at:

Conversion & Production Services Operating Procedures:

  • The Department of Facilities Management & Planning does not assist with room reservations or space rental. After a reservation has been placed and confirmed, the Department of Facilities Management will assist with event set up requirements.
  • Those desiring assistance will submit all service requests by utilizing the University's Work Request System, a minimum of seven ( 7 ) working days prior to the event.
  • When requests are made with less than seven ( 7 ) working days notice, the Department of Facilities Management will do its best to accommodate, but cannot guarantee success because of the uncertainty of available labor.
    Due to late notification, the requesting department will be charged double the normal recharge rate.
  • Service requests need to provide all relevant event details including technical information: (rigging, electric distribution, or other), and any other consideration needed for the Facilities Management staff to successfully provide service for the event.

  • Please include:
    • Contact name, department and telephone number.
    • The date of the event.
    • Service requested (preparation, set up, clean up).
    • Specific location, including building and room number.
    • If labor support is needed during the event.
    • If equipment is needed (tables & chairs).
    • If electricity or water is required.
    • Venue availability and the specific time the event should be set up.
    • Venue availability after the event and the deadline for clearing the event space set up.
    • Please attach any diagrams to the work order if necessary.

  • Upon receipt of the Event Service Request, the Department of Facilities Management will provide a reply receipt and will forward any questions for points of clarification.
  • The requestor is responsible for the security of items until pick up by Facilities Management. If items are lost or stolen, the requesting Department will be recharged for replacement costs. Additional fees may also be charged for resetting events due to items being moved or displaced after the event set up is complete. The Department of Facilities Management will detail the set up in accord with the work request including digital photos of the set.
  • The Department of Facilities Management cannot, however, guarantee the security of the items placed after the set up is complete.
  • In order to maintain work flow and control costs, during the production of any event, the Department of Facilities Management will take direction from a single representative (Event Manager) who is a duly authorized University employee.
  • Any alteration to the facility or grounds by, or on behalf of an outside entity, must be approved in advance of the event.

In case of an emergency please utilize the emergency pager number 303-851-6290 or cell phone number 303-435-2128.