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Facilities Management & Planning

Sorority House

Facilities Management & Planning

Greek Maintenance


The Greek Chapter is responsible for keeping the property clean. If at any time the Greek Chapter fails to maintain the property in a manner consistent with other University properties the Department of Facilities Management may elect to clean the property for the Greek Chapter and recharge the house for the expense on a time and material basis.

Department of Facilities Management will repair walls, ceilings, floors, floor coverings, doors and millwork where the repair or restoration is caused due to normal wear and tear. All routine repairs are on an as needed basis as reported for repair either by through a Work Request or through inspection by the Facilities Management. Although not an official University policy, our goal is to paint common areas minimally every three years. Individual rooms are by recharge (time and material) only. Repairs due to vandalism are always rechargeable to the operating unit.

Routine House inspections are performed on a monthly basis and a record of inspections is maintained at the Department of Facilities Management.
Items inspected include:

  • Life Safety
  • Code Compliance
  • Vandalism
  • General Maintenance Items
  • Mechanical systems maintenance and management.
  • Boiler Inspection Certificates are updated annually by the City and County of Denver. A certificate of inspection is maintained on the property and at the Department of Facilities Management.
  • Routine Boiler Inspections are performed weekly during the Heating Season. A log of these inspections is maintained in the Boiler/Mechanical Room.
  • Routine Maintenance includes repair and or replacement of filters, fans, motors, pumps or controls due to normal operating wear and necessary to maintain proper function.
  • Plumbing.
  • Annualized maintenance includes maintenance back flow prevention system and grease traps.
  • All other services are on demand due to client reported failure or deficiencies noted during inspection.
  • Electrical systems maintenance and management.
  • Monthly inspections include all low voltage life safety devices.
  • Annualized inspection includes a safety inspection of all plugs, switches, fuses, distribution gear and devices.
  • Repair and service of conveyance equipment.
  • Repair and service of emergency and life safety systems and equipment, not including Fire Alarm systems which are maintained by the Department of Campus Safety.
  • Fire Extinguishes are inspected monthly and services annually (usually in August).
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Equipment is inspected monthly and serviced annually. The cost of servicing the equipment is rechargeable to the Greek Chapter.
  • Fire panels are inspected monthly.
  • Smoke detectors are inspected monthly,
  • Exit Signs are inspected monthly.
  • Emergency Lighting is inspected monthly.

How to submit a Greek Property Service Request

The service center is in operation between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. The online work order system is always monitored and you can check the status of your request online through the Work Request site.

If the work request is an emergency, please utilize the emergency pager number:
303-851-6290 or call cell phone number 303-435-2128.

If the emergency is after hours (after 8:30 PM Monday through Friday or after 5 PM on Saturday and Sunday), please contact Campus Safety at extension x13000 and they will dispatch to the appropriate member of the facilities management team.

When leaving a work request please provide the following information:

  1. Requestor name
  2. Call back extension
  3. Work description
  4. Work location
  5. Scheduling considerations

Renovation, Modernization, Adaptation

Renovation, Modernization and Adaptation is the addition to, or expansion of, facilities by work performed to change the interior alignment of space, or the physical characteristics of an existing facility, so it can be used more effectively, be adapted for a new use, or comply with existing codes. This category of capital improvement is a service provided by, but not funded through, the Department of Facilities Management. All modifications must adhere to University design specifications and must be coordinated through the Department of Facilities Management to ensure infrastructure capacity is maintained, that building specifications are met, and that code compliance issues are addressed.

Grounds, Turf and Landscape Maintenance

Landscape and turf management includes the day-to-day, or periodically scheduled work required to preserve, maintain and improve the grounds surrounding any campus owned building.

Service items include:

  • Mowing grass, blowing, clipping, edging and weed control.
  • Mowing Services are provided by service contract with the University. The Contract is administered through the Department of Facilities Management. In general, mowing is provided weekly during the growing season.
  • Trash and cigarette butt collection.
  • Irrigation (where an existing automated irrigation systems is in place).
  • Fertilization and turf management.
  • Maintenance of hard surfaces.
  • Maintenance and improvement of planting beds.
  • Snow removal and deicing.