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Facilities Management & Planning

Ritchie Center

Facilities Management & Planning

Ritchie Center Maintenance

The Ritchie Center Maintenance staff is responsible for the systemic day to day process funded by the University to control deterioration of the facilities, structures, systems, equipment, pavement and grounds. This includes repetitive work like site maintenance, housekeeping, grounds keeping and scheduled periodic work like preventative maintenance, equipment cleaning, minor repair and routine inspections.

Unless agreed upon in advance, and managed through mechanisms like an Interdepartmental Service Agreement, maintenance is not intended to include items owned by the operating unit occupying a facility like computer equipment, audio/visual equipment, video equipment, art/museum display equipment or athletic equipment.

Ritchie Center Grounds, Turf and Landscape Maintenance

Landscape and turf management includes the day -to -day, or periodically scheduled work required preserving, maintaining and improving the grounds. Service items include:

  • Mowing grass, blowing clipping, edging and weed control
  • Trash and cigarette butt collection
  • Irrigation
  • Fertilization
  • Sports turf management
  • Maintenance of hard surfaces
  • Maintenance and improvement of planting beds
  • Snow removal and deicing.

How to process a Ritchie Center service request:

The service center is in operation between the hours of 8 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. To initiate a Work Request, please click here. The online work order system is always monitored and you can check the status of your request online.

If the work request is an emergency, please call the Ritchie Wellness Center Maintenance at: 303-435-2128.

If the emergency is after hours (after 8:30 PM Monday through Friday or after 5 PM Saturday and Sunday), please contact Campus Safety at extension x13000 and they will dispatch to the appropriate member of the facilities management team.

When leaving a work request please provide the following information:

  1. Requestor name
  2. Call back extension
  3. Work description
  4. Work location
  5. Scheduling considerations