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Faculty Research Fund (FRF)

Faculty Research Fund grants aim to stimulate research, scholarship and creative activity by the University of Denver Faculty with an emphasis on development of scholarly and creative products versus only dissemination. This program targets smaller projects than the PROF with grants of up to $3000 for costs incurred that extend beyond normal departmental support. Applicants from units in which external funding is rare have priority. Appointed faculty from all units are encouraged to apply. Applications are accepted twice per year during the fall and spring quarters. Full information can be found at For more information, contact Sarah Pessin, Chair of the Academic Planning Committee:



The PROF fund is a collaborative enterprise between the Senate, the Faculty, and the Associate Provost's Office. The organization of the program is grounded in a commitment to peer review as the strongest mechanism for assessing the merit of proposals across the diverse academic areas of the University. The goals of the fund are to support an increase in scholarly/creative activity by the faculty in a manner that strategically enhances the reputation of the University. Applications from single investigators for up to $20,000 are welcomed. Interdisciplinary or collaborative applications from two or more investigators can request up to $30,000. When applicable proposals are evaluated on the strength of link between the PROF outcomes and subsequent external funding. Applications are accepted once a year during the winter quarter. Full information can be found at

PROF Award List