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Faculty Senate


University of Denver

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is empowered by its Constitution to be the primary body through which the faculty participate in the shared governance of the University of Denver. The Senate is composed of approximately 90 members who are elected to represent the academic units of the University. The Senate's meetings are held monthly throughout the academic year. The minutes of the most recent meetings can be read or downloaded through the link to the left.

Much of the Senate's work is accomplished through its five Standing Committees:

  • Academic Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Nominations, Credentials & Rules
  • Personnel
  • Student Relations

The Senate Executive Committee (FSEC) includes the Chairs of the five Standing Committees, the President, the President-Elect, the Secretary, and several at-large members. Most of the day-to-day coordination and support of the Senate's work is provided through the home department of the President of the Senate. Questions and concerns may be addressed through elected departmental or divisional Senators, or may be addressed to President Sarah Pessin at

COVID-19 and Task Forces

During the current crisis, there are a number of Task Forces that have been formed by the Chancellor with leadership from the Chancellor and the Provost. Faculty Senate has ensured a robust process for involving faculty. The details can be found here. In summary, Senate has worked with our Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) and the Chancellor to ensure that at least 25% of each committee is made up of Senate nominated faculty, including Senators, members of the Senate Executive Committee (FSEC), and other faculty.

To ensure transparency, see below for the list of faculty on task forces who were appointed based on a nomination process led by Senate in consultation with ODEI:


** See an error in this list? Please email

Steering Committee

Sarah Pessin (Faculty Senate President, FSEC, Senator)

Derigan Silver (FSEC, Senator)

Click here for a full list of members.

Scenarios and Financial Solutions:

Paul Kosempel (FSEC, Senator)

Sam Kamin

Andrea Stanton

Click here for a full list of members.

Fall Logistics Task Force:

Derigan Silver (FSEC, Senator)

Lisa Martinez

Kate Tennis

Click here for a full list of members.

Digital and Online Strategy:

John Hill (FSEC, Senator)

Rafael Fajardo

Stephanie George

Bruce Harmon

Kristin Taavola

Scott Toney

Click here for a full list of members.

Academic Program/Unit Assessment:

Sarah Pessin (Senate President, FSEC, Senator)

Jonathan Sciarcon (FSEC, Senator)

Dean Saitta

Roberto Corrada

Chris Coleman

Michele Hanna

Conrad Ciccotello

Click here for a full list of members.

Opportunity and Strategy Task Force:

Darrin Hicks (Past Senate President, FSEC, Senator)

Alexi Freeman

Ellen Winiarczyk

Click here for a full list of members.

Healthcare Working Group:

Nancy Lorenzon

Eric Chess

Click here for full list of members.






A message from the Provost re: impacts of COVID-19 on teaching, scholarship, and service