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Graduate Financial Aid

Graduate Financial Aid

Continuous Enrollment Information

Continuous enrollment is designated primarily for students who have completed all their coursework and are working on a dissertation or thesis to complete their degree. You must apply for continuous enrollment and obtain permission from both the academic department and the Registrar's Office. You only need to apply annually, but must register for continuous enrollment through PioneerWeb or the Registrar every quarter.

United States citizens and permanent residents participating in continuous enrollment are eligible for federal student loans and in-school deferment on previous loans while they are within the financial aid eligibility limits (7 years for Master's, 6 years for MSW, 8 years for EdS, and 10 years for Doctoral). You must follow all financial aid procedures to obtain loans while registered for continuous enrollment, which include submitting a FAFSA and completing all loan requirements. All loans will be set up to disburse evenly over the fall, winter, and spring quarters of the academic year; if you enroll in the summer quarter, you will need to complete a summer aid application available every spring.

2018-19 Cost of Attendance

As with all programs, students in continuous enrollment may only receive financial aid up to the total cost of attendance (or student budget) for that year. There is no line item for tuition, as students are only charged a continuous enrollment fee.

Direct Costs:




Health Insurance1





Indirect Costs:




Room & Board2






Personal Expenses



Loan Fees*



Cost of Attendance


1Health insurance is a direct cost unless you waive the insurance offered through DU.

2Room and board may be direct costs if you live in on-campus housing and/or sign up for a meal plan.

*A 1.069% origination fee is taken out at disbursement of Federal Direct Unsubsidized loans. The $216 listed above is the average fee for graduate students who borrow these loans. Actual fees will depend on the amount borrowed.

Please note: If you are taking a class in addition to continuous enrollment, you can increase your student budget for the cost of a class by submitting an Enrollment Adjustment Form.