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Graduate Financial Aid

Graduate Financial Aid

Non-Degree Seeking Students

If you are taking courses at the University of Denver, but are not enrolled in a formal degree program (or enrolled in a program less than 24 credits in length), you are only eligible to receive private education loans to help pay tuition. Federal loans are only available to students enrolled in a formal degree program that is at least 24 credits in length. You will still be charged standard tuition rates for each course you take; tuition rates can be found through the Registrar's Office.

If you have no other resources to pay for your courses, you may consider applying for a private loan. To apply for a private loan, you will need to first select a lender. We encourage you to compare lenders and make an informed decision, as terms of private loans can vary significantly. These loans may have higher rates than federal loans and will require a credit check and/or debt-to-income ratio for the borrower. Lower interest rates may be available if you choose to have a co-borrower. You must initiate the loan process with the lender you select; applications are available online at the lender's website. Learn more about private education loans.

A note about the Publishing Institute and the Denver Bootcamp programs: Students enrolled in the Publishing Institute or Denver Bootcamp programs are not eligible for any school certified loans—including private loans that require a school certification—due to the short length of the program. These students are eligible for Direct-to-Consumer loans only, which do not require school certification.