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Welcome to Financial Aid 101

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Dear Student,

Here in Financial Aid, we know that financing your education can be intimidating and confusing. That's why we've developed "Financial Aid 101"—an email series designed to help you fully understand the financial aid process at DU.

Every other Sunday morning, we'll deliver information and tips to your inbox. Throughout the series, you'll learn about many aspects of financial aid, such as:

  • Preparing for the application process
  • Types of aid available
  • Finding additional scholarships
  • How your aid package is determined
  • Comparing award offers
  • Managing unmet costs

This Sunday, we'll kick off our series with an Overview of the Financial Aid Process, which will give you a general outline of how it all works and what to expect. 

We hope you'll find the answers you need within this email series. If you have additional questions, however, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

We look forward to working with you!

John Gudvangen
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Enrollment and Director of Financial Aid

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