2013-14 Budget Adjustment

Undergraduate Students

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Your total student budget is a nine-month estimate of costs typically incurred by all students. This estimate includes direct costs (such as tuition and fees) and indirect costs (such as personal expenses and transportation expenses). Budget parameters are determined by the Colorado Department of Higher Education and by the Office of Financial Aid.

After submitting this form, a Financial Aid Advisor will review and process your request. Once complete, an email will be sent to your DU address. Please allow up to 3 weeks for processing. If you are applying for additional loan funds, allow more time for certification and disbursement.

Adjustments can be made for the reasons listed below. An offer of additional aid is not guaranteed. Funds, if available, will be the in the form of a student loan. Choose only those options that apply to you.

* indicates required information.

Student information:

*First Name:
*Student ID:
*Email Address:

Reason for Budget Adjustment:

Note that some adjustments require additional documentation, which must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid before your request will be processed.

Room charges

My current room charges exceed the standard budgeted amount as set by the institution ($6,780). Please increase my budget to reflect actual charges.

Health Insurance

I am a traditional undergraduate student who is enrolled in the DU health insurance plan for the 2013-14 academic year and would like to use additional loan funds to pay this cost.

Additional Tuition

Each student is assigned a standard student budget based on degree and program of study. Identify your tuition budget below, then indicate your credit hours by term only if they are different than what's included in your budget. (If you plan to register for the summer term, you will need to submit the summer aid application available in April 2014.)

Note: At the end of each term, the Office of Financial Aid will confirm enrollment for students who receive a budget increase for a tuition overload. 

University College - Bachelor's Completion 8-10 credits per quarter
The Women's College 8-10 credits per quarter
All other undergraduate programs 12-18 credits per quarter


Fall Term
Number of credit hours in fall:

Winter Term
Number of credit hours in winter:

Spring Term
Number of credit hours in spring:

Interterm Tuition and Fees

Federal and state aid is not available for interterms. To finance an interterm course, review your private loan options. You must have an approved private loan in order to process this increase.

I will enroll in an interterm for the following number of credits:


fall interterm: winter interterm:
spring interterm: summer interterm:

Other Fees and Expenses

I have additional fees and/or expenses that I wish to be added to my budget. Additional documentation required: Please submit a copy of an invoice with the fees and/or expenses such as special course fees, Learning Effectiveness Program Fees, computer software or supplies needed for educational purposes.

Computer Expense

A budget adjustment can be made for the purchase of a computer one time during a student's enrollment in an undergraduate program at DU. The maximum is $1,800. The computer budget parameter is established by the Colorado Department of Higher Education and is based on web-published costs.

I would like to include the purchase of a computer in my budget. Additional documentation required: If you have already purchased your computer, submit your receipt to the Office of Financial Aid. If you plan to purchase a computer, you may submit the advertisement or estimate.


Childcare: The childcare budget parameter is established by the Colorado Department of Higher Education and is based on a range of the actual cost of care per child, per month in the state of Colorado. The maximum is $1,050 per child, per month. Additional documentation required: Please submit a statement demonstrating the amount of childcare for each child per month, which can include receipts, enrollment agreements, copies of cancelled checks, and/or a detailed written statement from a provider including contact information and dates of enrollment/care.

I have a childcare provider outside the home.* 
      Number of children:    Cost per child, per month:
      Names of children:
      Name of childcare provider:
      Contact information of provider:

*A Financial Aid Advisor will contact the childcare provider to confirm enrollment/attendance. We reserve the right to request proof of payment for childcare services at any time during the academic year in which a childcare adjustment has been approved.


Do you have any questions or comments for the Financial Aid Advisor who will process your request?

By submitting this form, you permit the DU Office of Financial Aid to reduce or increase your student budget, thus changing your financial aid eligibility. You understand that the Office of Financial Aid may verify actual enrollment at the end of the 100% add/drop period; if you do not enroll in the credit hours indicated, your budget and financial aid will be re-adjusted, and funds may have to be returned that you received inadvertently.


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