2014-15 Financial Aid Adjustment for Partial Year Attendance

Undergraduate Students

Your financial aid award is for the entire academic year. If you will be graduating prior to the Spring term, or will not be enrolled for all terms in the 2014-15 academic year, your financial aid award can be adjusted for your actual terms of enrollment.

After you submit this form, a Financial Aid Advisor will review and process your request. Once complete, an email will be sent to your DU address. Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

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Student information:

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*Are you graduating during the 2014-15 academic year?

 If yes, which quarter are you graduating? 

Note: If you are graduating during the 2014-15 school year and plan to enroll less than full-time (less than 12 credits) during one or more of your final quarters at DU, your federal loan eligibility may be reduced as a result of the requested adjustment process.

*Will you be enrolled in Fall quarter?

 If yes, number of credit hours:


*Will you be enrolled in Winter quarter?

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*Will you be enrolled in Spring quarter?

 If yes, number of credit hours:

Note: If you plan to register for the summer quarter, you must complete the summer aid application (available April 2015).


Do you have any questions or comments for the Financial Aid Advisor who will process your request?

By submitting this form, you certify that you understand your financial aid eligibility will change. You understand that your student budget and aid may be reduced and that you may have to return funds that you received inadvertently.


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