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Finacial Aid for Law Students

Cost of Attendance

Enrollment Adjustments

Your cost of attendance and financial aid are based on the typical enrollment in your program:

  • Full-time JD students and most LLM and Masters students: 12-15 credits
  • Part-time JD students: 8-11 credits
  • Part-time MSLA students: 4-7 credits

We verify your enrollment at the end of the 100% add/drop period each semester. If you are enrolled for less or more credits than listed above—or you are enrolled for both semester and quarter credits—you may need to have your cost of attendance and financial aid adjusted. If you are enrolled in less credits than anticipated, your financial aid refund may be too large and DU will bill you for the overpayment after the end of the add/drop period. If you are enrolled in more credits than anticipated, you will receive a smaller refund to use for living expenses (if you plan on borrowing for those).

You can revise your cost of attendance by completing a Enrollment Adjustment Form and indicating your intended enrollment in the "Standard Enrollment Adjustment" or "Dual-Degree Enrollment" sections.

Reviewing Your Cost of Attendance

Not sure which student budget you have? You can verify it through PioneerWeb. After logging in:

  1. Go to the Law Student tab
  2. Click on "Financial Aid Status" in the Financial Aid Requirements box

For the 2017-18 academic year, the standard cost of attendance is:

  • $70,631 for enrollment in 12-15 credits per term
  • $57,587 for enrollment in 8-11 credits per term
  • $44,571 for enrollment in 4-7 credits per term