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Financial Aid for Law Students

Dual-Degree Student Information

When you enroll in a dual-degree graduate program at DU, you are able to combine divergent disciplines into an education plan that fits your specific interest and professional goals, and earn two advanced degrees at the same time.

Financial Aid Implications

Dual degree students often work toward a law degree at the Sturm College of Law while also earning a master's degree from another DU graduate school or college. This may entail taking classes in both semester and quarter formats concurrently, which carries some financial aid implications.

By default, your financial aid awards as dual-degree law student are based on enrollment at the law school only. Therefore, if you are enrolled in both semester and quarter classes, you will need to complete a Budget Adjustment Form so we can adjust your financial aid to reflect the classes you are taking in both programs.

When you submit this form, we will modify your cost of attendance and loans to reflect the tuition charges you will be incurring as you pursue dual degrees. Since financial aid typically disburses on the semester schedule for all dual degree students, you may receive a credit refund in one term that you need to use to cover charges in a future term. If you would like to set up your budget and loans to more accurately reflect your tuition charges and billing schedule, we recommend that you set up an appointment with a financial aid advisor.