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Financial Aid for Law Students

Managing Your Aid

Managing Unmet Cost

We recognize that many students face challenges in financing a DU education. Our goal is to help you craft a manageable, customized plan that combines a range of resources--out-of-pocket contribution, scholarships and employment--to cover the remaining unmet cost of attending the Sturm College of Law.

Options to Help Cover Your Unmet Cost

  • Tuition payment plans. The Bursar's Office offers flexible payment plan options to spread the cost of tuition and fees over monthly payments. Both yearly plans and one-term plans are available. The enrollment fee is $50 per plan. Learn more about payment options through the Bursar's Office.
  • Part-time employment. Consider earning money through student employment. Whether part of the formal work-study program or not, part-time jobs can help lessen the financial burden for you. Student Employment can help you find both on- and off-campus job opportunities. Please note: The Sturm College of Law strongly discourages day division students from seeking employment during their first year of study. First-year, day students frequently find satisfactory grades impossible to achieve while engaged in outside employment. Additionally, the American Bar Association prohibits full-time students from working more than 20 hours/week during periods of enrollment.
  • Private scholarships. Organizations of all types and sizes sponsor scholarships. Contact the Law school or local organizations to inquire about private scholarship opportunities.