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Financial Aid for Law Students

Financial Aid for Law Students

Eligibility & Policies

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In order to keep your financial aid, you must meet the following requirements.

  • All federal financial aid funds for graduate students are only available to students enrolled in a degree-seeking program.
  • Students must remain enrolled at least half-time (4 credits) to receive work-study or any federal student loan.
  • Students must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress to receive any federal aid.
  • The requirements for departmental and private scholarships will vary depending on the department or donor. Some awards have a minimum GPA requirement. Learn more about retaining your law scholarship eligibility.
  • Students who begin classes at DU, apply for financial aid, complete all of the requirements, and then withdraw from all classes may have their financial aid adjusted according to federal, state and institutional regulations. See the refund and withdrawal policy for more information.

For a complete description of student rights and responsibilities, please review the Guide to Your Financial Aid Award.