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Undergraduate Financial Aid

Applying for Aid

Noncustodial Parent Information

It is the University of Denver's policy to require information and financial support from both biological/adoptive parents of students when applying for financial aid.

The custodial parent is expected to provide income, asset, and other information on both the CSS PROFILE and FAFSA.

The noncustodial parent is expected to provide information on the Noncustodial PROFILE. If either parent has remarried, the stepparent's information must be included.

Please note: The information below is not applicable to students in the Colorado Women's College or University College.

Determining the Custodial Parent

The custodial parent is defined as the biological/adoptive parent that the student lived with more during the 12 months prior to applying for aid, per federal regulations.

If the student lived with neither parent during the prior 12 months, or lived equally with each parent, the custodial parent is the parent from whom the student received more financial support during the 12 months.

In determining custodial parent status, it does not matter which parent claims the student as an exemption for tax purposes.

The Noncustodial PROFILE

The Noncustodial PROFILE (NCP) is an online application which is to be completed by the noncustodial parent. If the student's biological/adoptive parents are divorced or separated, or were never married to each other, the student is sent an email upon completion of the registration portion of the PROFILE. This email will include a link to the Noncustodial PROFILE application. The student will be instructed to forward that email to the noncustodial parent. The parent completes a single application and the College Board distributes the information to each college that requires it. There is a standard fee of $25 for this service. The parent can pay using a credit or debit card, or an electronic check.

The noncustodial parent's information is kept secure, and is shared only with the colleges authorized by the student. Neither the student nor the custodial parent has access to the noncustodial parent's information unless the noncustodial chooses to share his or her password.

If the student misplaces or does not receive the NCP email, he or she can call PROFILE Customer Support at 305-829-9793. At the student's request, CSS will send the NCP email to the student or directly to the noncustodial parent.

Please note: the University of Denver will not release, electronically or otherwise, the income and asset information of a divorced/separated parent to the other parent.

Noncustodial Parent Information Waiver

We recognize that extenuating circumstances in individual cases may make it impossible to obtain noncustodial information. If the noncustodial parent's whereabouts are unknown, or there are other extenuating circumstances, we may exempt the student from the Noncustodial PROFILE requirement. A parent's refusal to provide information or financial support will not, on its own, constitute sufficient justification for a waiver of this requirement.

To request a waiver of this requirement, you must complete and submit, with the necessary third party documentation, a Noncustodial Parent Waiver Request. The Financial Aid Special Circumstances Committee will review waiver requests on an individual basis. Note that submission for review does not guarantee a waiver request will be granted. Any incomplete request forms will not be accepted or reviewed until all necessary documentation has been provided. Once your request has been submitted, you will be notified via email of the outcome within three weeks during our peak processing time.

Processing of a student's aid application will not continue until the Noncustodial PROFILE is received or a waiver is approved.


If you have questions about the Noncustodial PROFILE, call the College Board at (305) 829-9793.

If you have questions about any aspect of the aid application process, please contact our office.