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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child has special needs?

Fisher is committed to an inclusive educational process. Nearly 20% of our students are children with special needs. In order to facilitate their enrollment, children with special needs have a separate lottery age group pool. The lottery process, however, is the same as other age group pools.

What if our family wishes to enroll a sibling of a Fisher student?

Children with a sibling currently enrolled at Fisher are given preference. We place siblings prior to conducting our annual lottery.

Are there tuition assistance or scholarships available based on family income?

Parents interested in Fisher Tuition Assistance funding, based on financial need, may apply for scholarship ONLY AFTER they have been selected for an opening through the lottery process. Families for whom the lottery registration fee causes a hardship should contact the Director at 303-871-2772 for assistance. Applicants for tuition assistance suffer no disadvantage in the enrollment process, as all registered families are entered by their children’s appropriate age group lottery pools at the same time.

If there is a vacancy in my child’s age group during a school year, how are those vacancies filled?

Unexpected vacancies that occur during the school year will be filled by the list of alternates selected from the previous year's lottery. If the list of alternates has been exhausted, Fisher will conduct a random lottery from applications received for the following school year. If there are no applications, then the position will be posted on our website.

Can residents of Denver City and County apply for tuition scholarships through the Denver Preschool Program?

Residents of Denver City and County may apply for tuition scholarships through the Denver Preschool Program. The DPP scholarship is available for children attending Fisher the year before Kindergarten.

If I am hired as a DU employee or accepted as a DU student after the application deadline, can I still submit an application?

Yes. If you are hired by or accepted to DU after the application deadline, you may fill out the application and submit it, along with proof of your hiring/acceptance date. Your application will go onto the lottery list, and you will only have to pay the $100 application fee if your child is offered a spot.