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Degree Programs

First-Year Seminar Program

For Faculty

We are proud of the FSEM program and the faculty who devote their time to it. Appointed faculty members who are interested in serving with the FSEM program should ensure that they will not be taking leave for the academic year, as you are expected to be available to students throughout the year. You will develop a strong academic advising relationship with your FSEM students and meet with them in advance of each quarter to provide advising and registration help.

All FSEM faculty will attend the annual training session held in September prior to Discoveries Week. In this training session, faculty share best practices and receive updates on academic policies and requirements. The goal is to exchange information across the decentralized advising structure such that the result is high quality advising for students.

If you are interested in teaching an FSEM for the next academic year, please contact Leah O'Grady. You can find our Request for Proposals for First-Year Seminar Courses here.

FSEM proposals are reviewed by the FSEM faculty committee:

  • Heather Martin, Writing Program, chair
  • Jennifer Karas, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Academic Programs (ex officio)
  • Rachel Feder, English
  • Frederique Chevillot, Languages & Literatures
  • Richard Colby, Writing
  • Hillary Hamann, Geography
  • Erica Trigoso, Geography
  • Jing Sun, Political Science
  • Lynn Schofield-Clark, Media, Film & Journalism Studies