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GIS Lab Technology

Degree Programs

GIS Lab Technology


Graduate GIS education at the University of Denver comes is offered via two programs. Students start in the GIS Certificate Program offered in University College, the 'career-focused' college on campus. Students may then wish to apply for admission into the Master of Science degree in Geographic Information Science program offered in the Department of Geography and the Environment which is a part of the College of Natural Sciences and Math. Students do not need to complete the Certificate Program before applying to the MSGISc degree, but should complete three courses, 12 credit hours first.

The GIS labs are located in Boettcher Center West at 2050 East Iliff Avenue in the Department of Geography and the Environment on the University of Denver campus.

When you arrive in the GIS labs you will need to log in to a computer.  The GIS lab computers and all computers in the building are members of the DU (University of Denver) domain. You should have established your login credentials when you enrolled in the university and you should have set your password when you logged into PioneerWeb for the first time. 

ESRI GIS Software

ArcGIS software is used in many GIS classes. DU maintains a site license thereby enabling students to download and install a one-year license of the application.

ArcGIS Desktop including ArcMap - click here for instructions on download and installation procedures. You will need to establish your own ESRI account first. You can also click here to download the software. If you are a University College GIS Certificate Program student, contact Amy Feldman to receive your authorization code. If you are a Department of Geography and the Environment student, contact Will Kiniston to receive your authorization code. Provide the following information:

DU email address:
Course Title:
Course Number:
Are you using a MAC?:

ArcGIS Pro - click here to download installation files. To use the software you must be "authorized" to do so. To be authorized, you must be a member of the DU ArcGIS Online Enterprise Organization. To request membership in the ArcGIS Online organization and to be authorized to use ArcGIS Pro, email Steve Hick. You must be affiliated with DU as your ArcGIS Online login will use your DU credentials.

ArcGIS Online - Click here to request access to ArcGIS Online access. You will be set up as a "Publisher" with "Creator" access. Read more about ArcGIS Online access here. Click here to access instructions for logging in to ArcGIS Online.