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GIS Lab Technology

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GIS Lab Technology

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GIS Lab Support

Contact the IT Helpdesk at 303-871-4700 or open a support request at (their hours are posted at for the following issues:

  • Reset your PioneerWeb password
  • Support for University of Denver applications like email and Microsoft Office
  • Support for your DU domain login to access computers in the GIS lab or remotely 
  • If you have forgotten your domain password

For support for GIS and other geospatial applications, contact your course instructor.

Additional Technology Information

Before reading on you might be interested in our technology resources.  We maintain a broad spectrum of geospatial software and hardware.

GIS Resources

The University of Denver maintains a site license with ESRI making most of their products available in our labs.  

ArcGIS 10.x Student Edition

As a benefit to participating in our GIS academic program, currently enrolled GIS students may request a copy of the Student Edition of ArcGIS software at the start of an academic quarter or when the one-year license expires. GIS certificate students currently registered in a GIS class can request a copy from GIS Program Coordinator Amy Feldman.  Current Geography students can request a copy from Will Kiniston.

For more information about the Student Edition of ArcGIS, go to ESRI.

Students should go to where there are step by step instructions for downloading, installing and authorization the license. The most common mistake that students make is that they do not activate at before they try to authorize or they select ArcEditor instead of ArcInfo.  Select ArcInfo (Advanced)!

Image Processing software available:

  • Imagine
  • ENVI

GPS Software and Equipment

  • Pathfinder Office
  • TerraSync
  • ArcPad
  • Trimble TDC100 (20)
  • Trimble Juno SB (10)
  • Trimble GeoXH (2)
  • Garmin 60CSx (12)


A DUnet public printer is set up in the GIS lab.

DUnet / Public Printing “CP4525” User Guide

This series of printer is a new addition to the Public Printing fleet and includes a variety of new features and functionality for this location.  This printer is capable of printing black and white documents as well as color.  This printer can also print double-sided (duplex) documents.

The cost of a given document is based on a per page use of the features described above:

Single–sided (simplex), black and white

$0.07 per page

Double–sided (duplex), black and white

$0.05 per page

Single–sided (simplex), color

$0.70 per page

Double–sided (duplex), color

$0.50 per page

Please note the following:

  • A document can contain both black/white and color pages.
  • A single sheet of paper printed using simplex represents one billable page.
  • A single sheet of paper printed using duplex normally represents two billable pages.
  • The last page in an odd pages document is typically billed as a simplex page.
  • These costs are subject to change

The cost of a given document can be viewed near the bottom of a Print Release Station after the document has been selected and before clicking “Print”.  It is highly recommended that you review this cost prior to clicking “Print” as your Uniprint and/or Flex account will normally be billed as soon as the “Print” button is clicked or touched.  Please note that documents that are not printed will automatically be removed from the queue after 2 hours and will not be billed for.

Windows users will print with the default settings of simplex and grayscale.   More information on how to change per job settings and/or the default printer settings is available by clicking the “DUnet Printers” link at

Mac users will print with the default settings of simplex and color.  Due to the higher cost of these pages, it is highly recommended that Mac users change their default printer settings.  These settings are typically accessible from the printing menu of an application and are known as Presets.  More information on how to change per job settings and/or these Presets is available by clicking the “DUnet Printers” link at

Large-format Plotting

There is a HP DesignJet 5500 large-format plotter available in the GIS lab for printing large maps and posters. GIS lab computers are capable of sending plot files to this device.

DU Emergency Notification System

University of Denver Emergency Notification System

The University can send voice or text messages to students, faculty and staff in the event of an urgent situation.