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Alumnus gives every year for 54 years

By Amanda Basler

“You should realize that your tuition only paid for part of the bill. Each and every one of you received an unrecorded scholarship.” When Claus Hirsch heard these words at a University of Denver alumni event in New York in 1960, they stopped him in his tracks.

Until that point, Claus, who had received a partial scholarship his junior and senior years of college, had been grateful for the generosity that had allowed him to attend the University of Denver, but he hadn’t given much thought to university budgets. When he heard these words, though, he knew he must give back. He made his first gift to the University in 1960. Since then, Claus has given every year for 54 years.

After graduating from DU in 1956, Claus earned an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and worked as an investment analyst on Wall Street. With a penchant for intellectual pursuits and a commitment to global issues like hunger relief, Claus supports a broad range of causes. But, because of campaigns like Ascend: The Campaign for the University of Denver, which appealed to both Claus’ passionate and analytical sides, his support for the University remains a top priority.

“I have given to many campaigns over the years, and I know the importance of a strong endowment for building a better future for the University,” says Claus. “Not everyone is in a position to make great contributions, but they can all do a little something. DU deserves the active support of alumni.”

For Claus, the education he received at the University of Denver was more than the foundation of a successful career. It ignited a passion for lifelong learning. DU’s Center for Judaic Studies Programs and graduate programs like International Disaster Psychology have continued to inspire him to give back to the University that helped him launch a career and build a successful life, just as it has for so many others.

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