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Throughout the year, faculty and staff dedicate their talents, knowledge, energy, and heart to the University of Denver. We understand that, appreciate that, celebrate that.

We hope that you will choose to enhance your ongoing efforts by contributing to the annual Faculty & Staff Campaign...because every day you see firsthand how DU is changing lives.

Ways to Give

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In making your decision to give, please consider these reasons why your gift of any amount to the area of your choice—is so vital to our University:

• Your gifts make our University better, stronger, smarter—all in service to our students, their futures, and our community.

• Philanthropy takes root, grows, and gains momentum from the inside out—your gifts are inspiration for our alumni, families, and friends whose generosity will power the University of Denver today and tomorrow.

• Your gift each year shows your belief in the mission, vision, and direction of DU— something we all take very seriously.

• Participation is key—faculty and staff are the heart and soul of DU; the more who give, the more our own commitment to our University is demonstrated to outside funding agencies, which in turn influences their commitment.


Past Campaign Information:

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If you are interested in learning more, please contact Chuyen Huynh at 303.871.4306 or chuyen.huynh@du.edu.