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Graduate Student Associations

Graduate Student Associations

Becoming familiar with your GSA is a great way to get involved here at DU. Here is a list of GSAs, and some information on whom you may contact. 


GSG Represenatative: Shubham Sapkota | Email:

The University of Denver/Iliff School of Theology Joint Ph.D. Program Student Association is elected by the students in the Joint Program to serve as a resource for both the students and the institutions at which they are studying. We advocate for student issues to DU and Iliff and function as a central point of coordination and communication about student concerns and affairs.

The Association meets at least quarterly, with meeting times and dates set at the beginning of each quarter to accommodate the schedules of the members. Meetings are open to all students in the Joint Ph.D. program and are a great way to get involved. 

There are seven to nine Association members; the Director of the Joint Program sits on the Association in an ex-officio capacity. Elections for vacant positions are held in the spring of each year with the exception of the First-Year Student Representative, who is selected by the incoming class in the fall. Terms are two years with the exception of the First-Year Student Representative, who serves for one year. Nomination forms are distributed to all Joint Ph. D. students in the spring. All students are encouraged to self-nominate. From within the elected membership each year, the Association selects a Treasurer, a representative to the Iliff Student Senate, and a President or Co-Presidents.

DU-Iliff Website

Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA)

President: Brent Troxell | Email:

About GBSA: The Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) enhances the educational experience at Daniels and creates a cohesive student body through educational, social, community and cultural activities. As an organization, the GBSA encourages student involvement in the creation and planning of events through the year. The GBSA also acts as the parent organization to all graduate student groups at the Daniels College of Business.

GBSA Website


GSG Senator: Heather Jung | Email:

About GSSW: GSSW serves as the official voice of the GSSW student body. It acts as the liaison between the student body and GSSW's faculty and administration, professional associations and the community.

Representatives serve with faculty and staff on various GSSW committees to ensure consideration of student interests and concerns. GSSW also works closely with the University's Graduate Student Association Council and the Colorado chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). In addition, GSSW plans social and graduation events, reimburses students for conference fees and organizes lunchtime discussions.

GSSW Website


GSG Representative: Sabastian Harvey | Email:

The Graduate Student Association of Professional Psychology (GSAPP) is an established student governing body that promotes the respect, support, and empowerment of Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) students by facilitating an ongoing and dynamic exchange between students, faculty, and the University of Denver community. It's goals are to empower students to advocate for themselves, support and enhance communication within the GSPP system, foster camaraderie and community among students, create bridges between GSPP and other DU organizations, and enhance professional growth for students.

GSPP Website

Graduate Students of the Four Faculties (GSFF)

President: Kelsea Kohler | Email:

About GSFF: Graduate Students of the Four Faculties (GSFF) is a graduate student run organization at the University of Denver. Overall, GSFF has two main goals. The first goal of this organization is to help graduate students, in the departments of Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Math, and Engineering and Computer Science, fund their conference endeavors. The funding that is partially reimbursed to graduate students each quarter helps to ease the financial expenses that most conferences create due to the combined costs of airfare, hotel, and numerous conference fees. GSFF is here to help ease that financial burden as much as we can. The second goal of GSFF is to discuss and/or address any issues that may arise pertaining to graduate students' needs at DU. In addition to discussing and addressing these issues, the GSFF president attends all GSAC (Graduate Student Association Council) meetings to voice any concerns and/or issues that GSFF (including the graduate students represented by GSFF) has and wants to express. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact one of the GSFF officers or your departmental representative.

GSFF Website

Josef Korbel Graduate School of International Studies (JKSIS)

President: Hannah Kipersztok | Email:

About JKSIS: The mission of the Student Association is: to represent the collective interest of the JKSIS student body in all policy-making activities; to provide opportunities for social interaction among the Student Body, outside the academic environment of JKSIS; to provide financial and logistical support to individual students or groups to further enhance the classroom experience; to facilitate activities that broaden the academic experience outside the classroom; and to liaise with graduate units throughout the University of Denver.

All JKSIS graduate students are voting members of the Student Association. Two Councils of elected officers direct and coordinate the activities of the Association, but we encourage all JKSIS students to participate in setting our agenda and voting on motions taken during Student Association meetings. Meeting times and calls for agenda items will be published in the Newsletter and circulated via the list-servs.

JKSIS Website


GSG Senator: Sajjid Budhwani | Email:

COESA aims to promote community and increase communication across Morgridge College of Education, students, faculty, staff, administration, and community members. By doing so, we provide an avenue for graduate students to communicate their needs and ideas with each other and to the faculty, staff, and administration. We aim to host and/or co-sponsor a number of social, professional development, and cross-college activities throughout the academic year. Lastly, we promote scholarship and research in a broad sense by helping to increase the quality and availability of experiences for students to engage in research and scholarship within the college and beyond. We also provide reimbursement assistance for graduate students who present at professional conferences. For additional information, please visit our portfolio site or email us at

COESA Website

Student Bar Association (SBA)

President: Taylor Ivy | Email:

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the official resource and liaison for the student body in matters involving the school administration, faculty, and student services at University of Denver College of Law. SBA Senators serve on External Committees, which address specific facets of law school operations (such as Curriculum or Admissions), and Internal Committees, which primarily focus on student body issues and events. The SBA provides leadership for professional and social co-curricular and extracurricular activities, and seeks to enhance the academic atmosphere of the school. This takes many forms: programs whereby students provide academic assistance to one another, guest lectures on timely subjects, forum discussions in a field of law or area of controversy and other areas of interest. Additionally, SBA plans the occasional social events for the student body. Finally, SBA is also the umbrella student organization on the law school campus. We provide funding, authorization, and guidance for student groups.

SBA Website


There are also several affinity groups that represent the voices of specific populations on campus. Getting involved with an affinity group is a great way to meet new people, and to participate in a diversity of activities at DU.