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Graduate Student Government

Graduate Student Government

The voice of the graduate student body

The Graduate Student Government is a council of all the Graduate Student Associations (GSAs) at the University of Denver.

The GSG has two goals at the University:

  • One is to foster a sense of community among the graduate students.
  • The other to represent that community and its interests at DU.

GSG is the DU graduate community's representative student government body. As YOUR representative, we are here to serve YOU and advocate for YOUR interests and concerns. For more information on how we are striving to do so, please click on any of the links listed here.

Statement of Inclusiveness

The Graduate Student Government (GSG) affirms the University of Denver's commitment to Inclusive Excellence. Moreover, the GSG believes that diversity and inclusion are essential to the fulfillment of our organizational mission.

Inclusive Excellence is embedded and valued in our learning, programming, student involvement, and funding processes. Our commitment to promoting and maintaining a respectful campus community facilitates opportunities for shared understanding among DU graduate students, across academic disciplines, areas of research, and practical expertise.

As such, the GSG resolves to make meaningful contributions to our campus community in ways that both facilitate and promote respect and support for all persons across similarities and differences in background, including but not limited to: race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, nationality, age and disability.

Executive Board 2017-2018

Ariel Zarate, President |

Ariel is originally from Chicago and moved to Denver last year to pursue her masters degree. Prior to moving to Denver she spent 2 and a half years volunteering in South Sudan developing social support programs for women and girls. A desire to provide evidence based psycosocial support services prompted her return to school to pursue her master's degree in Social Work and in International Studies. Studying in two schools concurrently has given her a better understanding of the challenges that non – integrated services create. Recognizing that these siloes are a reflection of growing societal divides, her primary goal for this year as GSG president is to facilitate honest and collaborative learning, both relational and academic, across disciplines through professional development and social events.

Michael Fiorini, Vice President |

Michael is currently on his 2nd year of Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP). He currently practice as a psychotherapist in training for the DU community and neighborhood. He also works for a program rehabilitating men on parole from around Colorado and a non-profit providing therapy services for Medicare, Medicaid, and low income adults. On the weekends, he dedicates his time in volunteering for the physical therapy department at Craig Hospital. Academically, He works for a research group studying the cognitive effects of traumatic brain injury in athletes.

Gabe Conley, Director of Communications | 

Gabe is currently a 2nd year in the Higher Education masters program. His focus within Higher Education is on retention issues on college campuses and finding solutions for closing the achievement gap between the majority and minority student populations. Being in the Director of Communications has given him the opportunity to bridge the gap between graduate students and their relationship at DU by informing them about the events around campus. In the past, he was worked in campus activities where he has planned events and developed leadership programs for students leaders. His passion within this role is to develop a deeper knowledge about DU's campus climate and structure so he can better understand where the institution is coming from and finding possible solutions of breaking the siloed barriers through partnership.

Amanda Meise, Director of Inclusive Excellence | AMANDA.PAGE@UCDENVER.EDU

Amanda, M.S.S. is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Denver studying Critical Intercultural Communication. Her research interests include: Inclusive Excellence, Critical Race Studies, Sexual Violence, Critical Intercultural Dialogue, and Intersectional feminism. She is currently working on her dissertation which considers how a shift in core curriculum to equip students with the communicative skills necessary to dialogue could aid in a more prosperous implementation of Inclusive Excellence at predominantly white institutions by addressing the dissonance between structure and rhetoric of Inclusive Excellence policies. She hopes to apply this research while she serves as the GSG Director of IE to facilitate more important dialogues about Inclusive Excellence on campus this year.

Kristen Schrijver, Social Events Chair |

Kristen Schrijver is a 2nd year PsyD in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology's (GSPP) Clinical Psychology Programis. She is a native New Yorker who moved to Denver to achieve her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology at the Graduate School of Professional Psychology. Kristen received her B.A. in Psychology and Ceramics at Bennington College in Vermont. During her undergraduate career, Kristen was the House Chair for her residence hall where she organized events and provided resources for students. After her undergraduate career, she became certified in sexual assault crisis intervention and worked for a residential treatment center where she worked with students to train and prep shelter dogs for adoption. In her clinical training, Kristen is primarily interested in working with adults who are struggling with PTSD and severe mental illness. Beyond her education, Kristen enjoys organizing events that promote the intersection of varying disciplines to foster connections spanning across student populations. Kristen is the new Social Chair for GSG and she is looking forward to creating and promoting events that will ultimately be engaging and fun!